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Please note Arundel Computers will be closed on Tuesday July 4th. We hope everyone has a fantastic Fourth of July!

We haven’t seen this type of bug in quite some time, but it turns out the use of a certain special directory name will lead to crashes on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems. No word just yet on when a patch is forthcoming. More details can be found here at Ars Technica.

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A problem with the audio drivers on certain HP notebooks has resulted in all keystrokes entered being recorded to a plain text file. HP has released a fix for this on and via Windows Updates. If you have an HP notebook listed in this article, we suggest installing updated audio drivers via Windows Update as soon as possible.

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Wcry, a new strand of ransomware that makes use of vulnerabilities discovered in the Vault 7 NAS leaks, has been spreading quickly enough that Microsoft has actually released patches for older, unsupported versions of Windows including XP and Vista to prevent it’s spread. This crypto variant has severely crippled England’s health case services systems and is spreading quickly. More details can be found at this Ars Technica article. If you are still running outdated versions of Windows, please be sure to apply these patches, and once again move to a modern, supported platform as soon as possible. While this exploit was patched on older systems, there are many known exploits which have not been fixed.

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If you are a Mac user and have downloaded Handbrake, the popular free video transcoder, in the last week, you may be infected. Details on the issue and what to look out for can be found here.

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Microsoft is targeting the education market where Google has been thriving with it’s chromebooks with a newer, less expensive version of Windows 10 named Windows 10 S. This version of Windows comes with reduced functionality and a reduced priced for OEM’s preloading it on their devices. The savings are then passed on to consumers and institutions. For a break down of what is good and not so good in this new edition of Windows, check out this article over at

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A critical security vulnerability has been announced effecting many Intel systems dating as far back as 2008. Details on the issue can be found in the included link. We can assist in patching vulnerable systems or mitigating the vulnerability on systems that are not going to receive a patch from the manufacturer. Please contact us to discuss the issue and setup an appointment to assess your systems for the vulnerability and to implement a fix.

Update 5/6/2017: More information about how the vulnerability is being used, and it’s severity is coming out. See this article at Ars Technica for details.

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One of the new features in the latest update to Windows 10, AKA the Creator’s Update (1703), is game mode. Game mode is designed to help you get the most performance from your PC when playing games. Want to check and make sure it’s on and working for your games? Just check out these instructions.