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Many have suggested Microsoft might continue to offer the free upgrade to Windows 10 well after the initial 1 year period, however that will not be the case. The offer will come to an end on July 29th; if you wish to take advantage of the free upgrade to the latest version of WIndows, be sure to upgrade before that time. The upgrade price after this date for Windows 10 Home is set to be $119. On the positive side, Microsoft has announced that it will turn off the upgrade reminders on this date, so those who are happy to stay put with your existying version of Windows will be able to do so in peace.

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Users of Microsoft’s free email service and free email client take note; the two will no longer play well together. Microsoft has made some under the hood changes to their email service, and they will not be updating the 4 year old mail client to take advantage of the changes. As an alternative, Microsoft suggests using the web interface, the built in Mail and Calendar Apps in Windows 10. or of course the Outlook 2016 desktop app.