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Ransomware is not a new phenomena, but previously strains have only targeted on premises files. This trend will be changing as ransomware targeting cloud email services has been discovered. Users are tricked by a convincing phishing email to trick users into clicking a link which activates the payload and quickly encrypts all of the users email and attachments on the cloud service provider. General details can be found at KnowBe4. 


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Wcry, a new strand of ransomware that makes use of vulnerabilities discovered in the Vault 7 NAS leaks, has been spreading quickly enough that Microsoft has actually released patches for older, unsupported versions of Windows including XP and Vista to prevent it’s spread. This crypto variant has severely crippled England’s health case services systems and is spreading quickly. More details can be found at this Ars Technica article. If you are still running outdated versions of Windows, please be sure to apply these patches, and once again move to a modern, supported platform as soon as possible. While this exploit was patched on older systems, there are many known exploits which have not been fixed.

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If you are a Mac user and have downloaded Handbrake, the popular free video transcoder, in the last week, you may be infected. Details on the issue and what to look out for can be found here.

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A critical security vulnerability has been announced effecting many Intel systems dating as far back as 2008. Details on the issue can be found in the included link. We can assist in patching vulnerable systems or mitigating the vulnerability on systems that are not going to receive a patch from the manufacturer. Please contact us to discuss the issue and setup an appointment to assess your systems for the vulnerability and to implement a fix.

Update 5/6/2017: More information about how the vulnerability is being used, and it’s severity is coming out. See this article at Ars Technica for details.

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2003ServerIs your business still running on Windows 2003 server? The 12 year old operating system is rapidly approaching end of support. Let us aid in your transition to a modern, secure platform. Contact us today!

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