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Full details can be found here, but users running certain older Intel Atom processors are being denied automatic updates from 1607 to 1704 thanks do issues with the graphics drivers for these models. It’s as yet up in the air if drivers for these chips will be updated. Those who manually update are able to do so, but experience graphics issues once running the latest version of Windows 10. These CPUs were commonly used in older Windows tablets and budget 2-n1 systems.

Today is Microsoft Inspire, a conference for Microsoft and it’s industry partners. In the keynote, a new program called Microsoft 365 was announced that bundles Office and Windows Enterprise into a subscription package. No word just yet on how much it will cost, or when it will be available. It does seem to be geared to make it easier for small and medium business to reach out and take advantage of features in the Enterprise versions of Windows, which until now have been reserved for volume license customers.

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We haven’t seen this type of bug in quite some time, but it turns out the use of a certain special directory name will lead to crashes on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems. No word just yet on when a patch is forthcoming. More details can be found here at Ars Technica.

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Microsoft is targeting the education market where Google has been thriving with it’s chromebooks with a newer, less expensive version of Windows 10 named Windows 10 S. This version of Windows comes with reduced functionality and a reduced priced for OEM’s preloading it on their devices. The savings are then passed on to consumers and institutions. For a break down of what is good and not so good in this new edition of Windows, check out this article over at

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One of the new features in the latest update to Windows 10, AKA the Creator’s Update (1703), is game mode. Game mode is designed to help you get the most performance from your PC when playing games. Want to check and make sure it’s on and working for your games? Just check out these instructions.



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Microsoft has confirmed that the Creators update, the next big update to be released for Windows 10 since the Anniversary update in November, will be released on Tuesday, April 11th. You can get a few more details about what the update will bring here. Tech savvy folks will be able to download the update manually on April 5th (without needing to sign up for the Insiders program).

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Get a quick summary of everything Microsoft showed off at their Windows 10 event held yesterday over at The Next Web.

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November 1st is the deadline for being able to get new PCs with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1; if you’ve been putting off your purchase it’s now or never!


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Now that Windows 10 1607 (the Anniversary Update) has been rolled out to about 77% of Windows 10 systems, we can look ahead at the next big update. Currently referred to as 1703, we expect it to launch sometime in March (as the number indicates). So what new features and changes can we expect? has a current list with updates likely as new test builds roll out.

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Many have suggested Microsoft might continue to offer the free upgrade to Windows 10 well after the initial 1 year period, however that will not be the case. The offer will come to an end on July 29th; if you wish to take advantage of the free upgrade to the latest version of WIndows, be sure to upgrade before that time. The upgrade price after this date for Windows 10 Home is set to be $119. On the positive side, Microsoft has announced that it will turn off the upgrade reminders on this date, so those who are happy to stay put with your existying version of Windows will be able to do so in peace.

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