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Yesterday Microsoft released the April 2018 update for Windows 10 after delaying it a few weeks due to issues discovered and corrected late in the testing process. A great recap of the new features can be found at the Verge.

The update has already begun to appear in Windows Update. You can also manually update and download installation media that contains the new update direct from Microsoft.

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April is almost here, and we anticipate Microsoft will soon release the next feature update for Windows 10. For a quick recap of the noticeable feature additions, check out this Techspot article.

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Ransomware is not a new phenomena, but previously strains have only targeted on premises files. This trend will be changing as ransomware targeting cloud email services has been discovered. Users are tricked by a convincing phishing email to trick users into clicking a link which activates the payload and quickly encrypts all of the users email and attachments on the cloud service provider. General details can be found at KnowBe4. 


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Microsoft has released the Edge Browser for iOS and Android, allowing users of Edge on Windows PCs to use the browser on their mobile devices while syncing passwords and favorites across all their devices. If you use Edge on Windows 10 and would like that convenience, head to your devices app store and try it out!


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Looking to see how the latest Intel Coffee Lake processors stack up? PC Perspective has a comprehensive review of the i7-8700K and i5-8400 for you to check out!

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Looking for a recap of the top features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators update released last week? Paul Thurrott has a quick summary for you to check out.

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Please note Arundel Computers will be closed on Saturday 9/2. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

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Full details can be found here, but users running certain older Intel Atom processors are being denied automatic updates from 1607 to 1704 thanks do issues with the graphics drivers for these models. It’s as yet up in the air if drivers for these chips will be updated. Those who manually update are able to do so, but experience graphics issues once running the latest version of Windows 10. These CPUs were commonly used in older Windows tablets and budget 2-n1 systems.

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Today is Microsoft Inspire, a conference for Microsoft and it’s industry partners. In the keynote, a new program called Microsoft 365 was announced that bundles Office and Windows Enterprise into a subscription package. No word just yet on how much it will cost, or when it will be available. It does seem to be geared to make it easier for small and medium business to reach out and take advantage of features in the Enterprise versions of Windows, which until now have been reserved for volume license customers.

Source: The Verge

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Microsoft has started their new fiscal year, and has initiated a new reorganization as they frequently do this time each year. Sources indicate up to 3,000 job are on the chopping block this time around, mostly in sales and marketing. We expect the reduction will probably come in business units that concentrate on “legacy” on-premise solutions as Microsoft continues to focus on cloud solutions such as Office365 and Azure.

Source: ZDNet

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